Kodu Kuubis was founded in 2014, when we were granted the right to represent Ekopanely in the Baltics and in Scandinavia. Since then we have found and connected with many clients who, like us, appreciate natural construction materials and the benefits gained from building with them. Straw panels have been used and can be found in numerous happy homes.

Our goal is to raise people’s awareness about the benefits of using natural materials in the construction of their homes. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the materials and the technology needed to ensure the best possible microclimate for their homes. We are convinced that using straw panels in construction helps us to achieve this goal.


The mission of Kodu Kuubis is, first and foremost, the construction of straw panel based HOMES and the promotion of building with natural construction materials.

Our Vision is that by year 2030, every 50th new home in our region would be built using straw panels.


- Retail sale of straw panels

- Sales & erection of catalogue houses built from straw panels

- Designing and planning of dwellings built from straw panels

  • Single homes
  • Semi-detached houses
  • Terraced houses
  • Apartment buildings

- Designing and planning of small houses built of straw panels

  • Summerhouses
  • Garden houses
  • Ancillary bulidings (saunas, sheds, garages)

- Designing and planning of public buildings built of straw panels

  • Kindergartens
  • Schools
  • Youth centers, etc.

- Construction of sound studios

- Renovation of old buildings

- Application of additional insulation for buildings


Germo Karro,

I have been involved in construction and the renovation of old buildings since 2006. I believe one of my biggest strengths is the direct application of my studies in real life. The ability to build using straw panels interests me because of the innovative and original approach it offers.

My goal is to find the best architectural solutions that combine sustainable thinking and aesthetically appealing outcomes, in order to best serve the client’s needs from idea to execution.


Sten Hoolma,
Finnish Country Manager, Construction Engineer

It was Germo who first introduced straw panels to me. It took me a while to get to the core of the material and realise how versatile, unique and innovative it really is. Right now, I could not imagine building my own house out of anything else. I am glad that every day more and more people are looking into straw panels and their beneficial properties, and that they are making a conscious decision in favour of a home that will provide a very healthy and natural microclimate for many years to come.

My goal is to ensure that all the solutions we devise and build are technically correct, effective and long-lasting. I also promote and manage the sales of catalogue houses and straw panels in Finland.


Mikko Selg,
Board Member

The use of straw that is manufactured in a controlled environment as a construction material has intrigued me since 2013. I was the one that encouraged the other members of our team to participate in this undertaking.

My task in the company is the professional management of finances. As clients, you can always look to me to help find different sources for financing, such as loans, leasing, etc.


Piia Karro-Selg,
Board member

My calling is to work with people who have fewer financial possibilities available to them. Having studied the qualities and possibilities that straw panels have to offer, I am convinced that many people are able to purchase and sustainably manage their own homes made of straw panels.

My goal is working together with major customers – including state and local government agencies – to find opportunities (financial channels) to engage in real estate development involving sustainable and efficient buildings and building complexes, including the renovation of existing buildings.


Mery-Ly Karro,
Marketing Manager

Straw panels and Kodu Kuubis are new to the Estonian market. I'm working to bring awareness of the panels to everyone. If you are able to recommend how or where we should target our marketing, I'm the right person for you.


Helen Uueni,

My job within the collective is to ensure that our accounting is up to date and executed properly. It is important to me that all transactions are completed in a timely manner, as neither we nor our clients are happy when the finances end up in the wrong bank account at the agreed upon time. Executing transactions in a timely manner instils trust in both parties.


Toivo Marus, Janek Palmi, Rauno Nõmmesalu
Main Construction Team in Estonia

We are the construction specialists of Kodu Kuubis. By working together we realize peoples' dream homes, from drawings on paper to a form that is visible and perceptible in the real world. We use our collective skillset and know-how to erect the constructions, execute all electrical, plumbing, and ventilation works, and give the final product a pleasant and appealing appearance. We are always polite, helpful and thoughtful when interacting with our clients.