Our aim is to not only provide people with houses, but with HOMES to enjoy for many years to come. We launched a whole new category in our range of products in April 2018.

Our Catalogue houses made out of straw panels have highly functional floor plans and are well thought out.

Using straw panels in construction gives us the ability to discard vapour barriers in walls and ceilings. All constructions are open to water vapour diffusion and are therefore "breathable", meaning that they are able to dry out in all directions. We use high quality Werro Wool cellulose insulation in our constructions because it complements and goes together with the wood and straw panels, forming an effective and lasting construction type. The materials we use ensure a home with a very healthy and natural microclimate (very similar to a log house).

Why choose a HOME from our catalogue?

  • Excellent and healthy microclimate
  • There is no need to buy architectural drawings, or designs for ventilation, plumbing or electrical wiring
  • This is good for the wallet, because, depending on the size of the house, the price of all of these designs could easily reach €10,000. If necessary, we can take care of communication with local governments, paperwork, etc., for an additional fee.

Can I make changes to a catalogue house?

The answer is yes and no. When it comes to catalogue houses, we offer a complete solution. We only let our clients decide on the colour of the house. If a construction needs to be changed or electrical sockets need to be relocated, it automatically means that new plans and drawings are needed and it would no-longer be a catalogue house, but rather a customisation of an existing version. Changes can be made to the project for an additional fee.

Our catalogue houses have a fully finished exterior, plumbing and electrical wiring have been completed, and ventilation (aggregate with heat recovery + ducts) and heating systems (air/water heat pump) have been installed. The interior finishing is not included in the price, since our goal is to give our customers the opportunity to choose the materials themselves so that the final product would best suit the needs of a family building their very own dream home to enjoy for many years to come.


PRICE 1: 78 500€ + VAT

PRICE 2(extended 3m + extra bathroom): 97 500€ + VAT

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PRICE: 135 400€ + VAT


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PRICE: 143 200€ + VAT

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PRICE: 158 500€ + VAT

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