About Straw Panel

Product Specifications

  • The material is extruded (compressed at high temperature) wheat straw 98%, glue 0,5% and covering paper is recycled kraft paper;
  • thickness – 38 mm or 58 mm;
  • width 120 cm or 80 cm (58 mm panel) and with the 38 mm panel, only the width of 80 cm;
  • length preferably 2,4 or 2,7 m. NB! Upon ordering larger quantities the length can be chosen between 1,2 – 3,5 m;
  • Weight 22-24 kg/m2 (58 mm panel) and 18-20 kg/m2 (38 mm panel)


NB! The panel is produced in the EU which means that it has all the necessary sertifications.

paneeli tükk tootminerekka

Product properties

  • Good thermal insulation and regulation of heat because during production no fillers have been used that conduct cold or heat;
  • The panel has feature that stores heat which grants a stable temperature for a longer time. Additionally the panel grants a smaller temperature fluctuation during summer (in smaller buildings);
  • The possibility of using as wind protection and a self-bearing wall construction;
  • Good noise resistance of the 58mm panel with finishing -35 dB;
  • Good moisture regulation which ensures stable humidity which means during wet periods the panel absorbs excess humidity and during dry periods it releases the humidity into the rooms. Furthermore, when the material dries it doesn’t get any cracks;
  • The panel gets the best heat and moisture regulation when used with clay based plaster;
  • Formaldehyde-free which means it has no adhesive between the straw, the panel only has kraft paper glued on it, so it is also ecological;
  • Suitable for people with allergies because there have been no reports of symptoms which are caused from many other building materials;
  • The material is easy to saw, openings can easily be cut or edges can be cut into the right shape, which means cornices are easy to build, so the frame doesn’t need to be the same size;
  • The materials originality can be brought out niches, where the paper has been ground down and under it comes out compressed straw with a distinctive and unique texture, which can be effectively used in interior design,if necessary, with additional details;
  • Compensates for the mistakes made in insulation, meaning that the cold cannot get straight through the wall if the wool has been damaged during installation;
  • The material can be easily installed saving hours for the builders;
  • The use of the material prevents several building phases (so-called frame, wool, 2 layers of drywall etc.) being immediatelly the bearing wall construction , having sound insulation, being easily finished etc.;


Possible Uses

  • The product is suitable for places where there is no direct prolonged contact with water – both internal and external walls, floors, ceilings, cornices, etc;
  • The panel can also be used in the shower room or sauna. It is necessary to carry out the moisture barrier and finish with ceramic tiles or similar materials;
  • External finish – moisture barrier, weatherproofing, primer, boarding, plaster or stacked onto / pasted bricks;
  • Interior finishing – water-based paints, wallpaper, plaster, ceramic tiles, parquet or other solutions (analogous to the well-known cyproc-plate).



Excisting Pracices of Kodu Kuubis Ltd.

  • Summerhouse (kerghoone) in Pärnu which is possible and what we have already moved using a crane. The building has a light wooden frame. The building was under construction with aims to test the suitability of the material in Estonian climate. In addition, we wanted to experiment with a variety of finishing techniques, both inside the building (plaster, paint, wallpaper) and externally (moisture barrier, weather-resistant paint, boarding).
  • Cottage in Laulasmaa where the primary objective was extra insulation, secondly keeping the diagonals of the house. The client, while making the house frame had forgotten about the diagonals of the house or just didn’t know the necessity of them. In addition, the client wanted to use a materials, which can be quickly and easily finished.
  • An apartment on Kauba street in Tallinn which is managed by MR Valdusvara, where the problem was noise, that the log wall between the rental apartments let through. To solve the problem, an old log wall was renovated soundproof from one side using straw panel.
  • Privet house (in Kernu parish) with a insulated vestibule, which has a corridor, a toilet and a bathroom. The material was use on the external wall which will have a boarding on it. The material was only used externally because the frame of the structure (15cm) was already built when the material was suggested which made the indoor use not possible. So, 6 cm panels were used as insulation and wind protection as external walls of the building, which also holds the diagonals. In addition, the surfaces could immediately be processed with moisture barrier and primer.



What can expediently and quickly be built from straw panel

  1. Summerhouse
  2. Fisherman’s cottage
  3. Sauna
  4. Ancillary building
  5. Outdoor kitchen
  6. Garden house
  7. Other ideas…..
  8. For existing buildings (additional insulation, sound insulation, partition walls, ceilings)


Whether and why it is useful to construct a residential house using straw panel

  • Energy savings in the long run, save money
  • Healthy living environment (self-regulatory house)
  • The house comes complete with architectural special solutions


How long will the summerhouse be in construction and will it be delivered

  • Depending on the size. If the house is up to 2.6 times 7 meters, we will bring the delivery and installation on the site
  • Larger houses will be erected on site

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